'Steroids for Sale' - why choose online rather than offline?

Buying Steroids 'On' rather than 'off' line

If you after steroids for sale then you have two choices: buying off the internet (online) or buying from a local source (offline). Many people nowadays still prefer to purchase steroids from a local source as they can see the person they are buying steroids from, see the products and most of the time will be able to get replacements if the products turn out to be fake. Of course these are the benefits of buying offline (hence why so many people choose to do it, but as time has gone by this has become more and more dangerous, particularly in countries such the USA, Canada and Australia where even possessing any amount of anabolic steroids is illegal and will normally result in a custodial sentence. Although it is illegal to sell/supply steroids in the UK, it is legal to import and possess up to 3 months worth for your own use and the government has not cracked down as much as the previous 3 countries mentioned (not yet anyway). So, you're looking for steroids for sale, why choose online sources...?

1) The vilification of steroids: since steroids were made illegal the war against them has increased each year and now they are seen as the worst drug out there! Because of this outcry the US government have now taken it upon themselves to impose the law to the fullest extent, which has meant in the severe increase in 'stings' - so what does this mean for those choosing offline/local sources, well, it could be a sting/setup resulting in you being arrested and charged with attempting to buy steroids. I'm sure you don't a custodial sentence?! You have no defence whatsoever. However if you buy online and customs do happen to seize your items, they will simply send you a letter asking you to claim the items. If you do then you will be arrested, if you ignore it they will not do anything - ALWAYS IGNORE IT. You may have searched and gone through with steroids for sale (which is illegal in itself) but you ca get away with it so long as you don't claim it!

2) Authenticity: 99% of websites that sell steroids operate from countries where anabolic steroids are readily available 'over the counter', which means 99% of the time the goods will be real. In addition, because they are so cheap in places like thailand it is often cheaper to buy legitimate steroids rather than produce fakes, so this is also in your favour. So remember when searching for steroids for sale, check to see which country items are sent from.  From personal experience I have found steroids sent from both thailand and the czech republic have been authentic.

Just a few pointers for those searching for steroids for sale and unsre of whether to go for an online or offline source. If you are UK based then it may be a lot easier (and safer) to go for a local offline source, but if in the USA, Canada or Australia I would definitely advise sticking to online sources. For information on how to choose a good online source please see my other blog: 'Steroids for sale' - is it safe to buy online - this will help you to determine whether or not a source is indeed legitimate.